Garthoff Design was founded in 2006 by Shane
Garthoff. We are a small group of creative designers,
with ndividual talents and expertise, and together
we make a nice team. With a creative passion and
a desire to create meaningful environments, we
formed a landscape architectural practice with the
goal to understand and value our client’s visions, to
develop solid, inspired design solutions and to play
an active role in the partnership required to deliver successful projects.

5646 milton st. suite 606 dallas, tx 75206 | p 214.227.8444 | f 214.227.6547 |

Our design philosophy is simple:

Understand the project and the client vision : we make it our business to understand your business. We listen closely, develop a design program and a plan of action to execute the project.

Develop cutting-edge design concepts that work : we are free-thinking designers, with a passion for creating unique, purposeful landscapes. We consider all design opportunities at the outset of every project. We respond with holistic design solutions that are individual, architecturally sound, and environmentally appropriate.

Sound detail resolution and documentation : we believe in the collaborative spirit, working intimately with clients, colleagues and contractors to develop complete, well-integrated documents. We coordinate closely with other disciplines, monitor budgets, and protect client interests to ensure tight, constructible projects.

Construction oversight : involvement during construction is essential to the success of the project. The effort put forth during the design process is only as good as the final, built environment. We communicate openly with clients and contractors, and dedicate the time it takes to see the project through to completion.